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Perlis may be the smallest state in Malaysia, but it boasts many attractions that appeal to a variety of travellers for many good reasons. Instead of flocking the capital city and the usual urban trappings, why not take the road less travelled and venture out to this northernmost state in Peninsular Malaysia?

Here we list down some of the attractions including nature spots and famous local eateries for you to check out while in Perlis!

Perlis State Park

If you identify as a nature enthusiast or an eco-tourist, you will be delighted to visit the Perlis State Park and what it has to offer. Situated on the continuous limestone hills along the Thai border, the park is home to a diverse range of caves including Gua Kelam and Gua Wang Burma. As the park houses the only semi-deciduous forest in Malaysia, it has a large variety of species that are only endemic to the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. So you can expect to catch a glimpse of unique animals like the stump-tailed macaque here.

Photo courtesy of MARC – macaca arctoides research for conservation

As it is a must for a guide to be with you at the park, you can arrange for a guide at the park’s visitor centre.

Address: Wang Kelian, Perlis

Contact number of Perlis State Park Visitor’s Centre: +604-977 7578/7898

Taman Eko Rimba Bukit Ayer

Ready for a picnic with the family? Around 12km from Kangar City lies the Taman Eko Rimba Bukit Ayer or Bukit Ayer Amenity Forest. Tucked within the lush greenery of the tropical rainforests with beautiful and cooling waterfalls, the park is perfect for a family picnic or a simple hangout surrounded by nature. Its open and spacious layout is ideal for a relaxing vacation, away from the chaotic din of the city.

Photo of Tourism Malaysia

What’s more, the park is equipped with all kinds of amenities for camping including a campsite with cooking convenience that can support around 100 happy campers at a time. Basic amenities like an information centre, toilets, prayer room and playground are also available that make it a perfect place for you to spend time with your family fuss-free!

Address: Jalan Anak Chelong, R119, 01000 Kangar, Perlis

Inquiries: Perlis State Forestry, Km 2 Jalan Kaki Bukit, 01000 Kangar, Perlis
Tel : 604 – 9765 966

Perlis Herbal Forest

Another reason why Perlis is great for eco-tourism is the Perlis Herbal Forest (Rimba Herba Perlis). Located in Sungai Batu Pahat, this park functions as an ethnobotany museum which is a genetic bank that houses various types of herbal plants. You can view and get acquainted with the whopping 1,000 species available at the park collected over the years. Some of the more famous medicinal plants like Tongkat Ali, Misai Kucing and Kacip Fatimah can also be found here. We’d recommend you to try the herbal drink available here! Where else can you enjoy herbal drink surrounded by the natural herbs around you?

Photo of Tourism Malaysia

Address: Sungai Batu Pahat, 01000 Kangar, Perlis

Inquiries: Perlis State Forestry, Km 2 Jalan Kaki Bukit, 01000 Kangar, Perlis
Tel : 604 – 9765 966

Bukit Keteri (Keteri Hill)

Photo of Tourism Malaysia

If you’re a keen and athletic climber, Bukit Keteri is the place to be. This magnificent view is probably what draws climbers from all over the world to Perlis. Known as one of the more challenging rock-climbing spots in the world, Bukit Keteri is a karst limestone formation, where limestone towers stood surrounded by the scenic view of paddy fields. Reward yourself with the spectacular view once you reach the top after a challenging climb.

Address: Bukit Keteri, 02450 Kangar, Perlis

Contact information of Tourism Malaysia Perlis Office: +604-978 1235/9781

As a ‘foodie’ myself, trips are not quite complete without some local gastronomic adventures. You’d be happy to note that despite its small size, Perlis has a lot to offer. From the fresh seafood in Kuala Perlis to Arau’s popular capati, there are so many options that will certainly delight your taste buds.

Local Eateries

Photo courtesy of Citarasa Mona Ikan Bakar KOMALAUT

Make your way near the border of Thailand to the second largest town of Perlis, known as a hub of seafood galore. In Kuala Perlis, stop by KOMALAUT, which is essentially a seafood complex. No wonder it is a popular choice amongst locals to enjoy seafood dishes, as there are many varieties to choose from here.

Medan Selera Kompleks Makanan Laut (KOMALAUT)

Address: Gerai Komalaut, Jalan Jeti, Kampung Perak, Kuala Perlis 02000, Malaysia

Tel: 017-549 8876

Another name that is often mentioned where seafood restaurants are concerned, is Restoran Anjung Keli. This local favourite has been running for more than a decade, no doubt thanks to the delicious food offered. Keli, or catfish is the restaurant’s specialty as the name suggests. For a pure ‘feel’ of what the Perlis food scene looks like, you can try the myriad choices of other lauk pauk (dishes) that represent kampung cuisine like ulam-ulam, and dishes featuring freshwater fishes, among others.

Restoran Anjung Keli

Address: Medan Sri Pulai, Jalan Padang Behor, Behor Pulai, Kangar, Perlis

Tel : 019 44 333 84 & 04 976 5368

Website: www.anjungkeli.my

Photo courtesy of harumanissite.wordpress.com

Fans of local desserts are well aware that Perlis is known for its Pulut Mangga or mango sticky rice. This dish is made up of mango or ‘mempelam’ as termed by the locals, eaten with Pulut or Glutinous Rice. The glutinous rice, paired with the decadent sweetness of mango, brings a distinct flavour and is a definite must-try. You can find it almost anywhere in Perlis and it is available throughout the year.

Bonus: If you visit Perlis during the peak months of Harumanis season, between April and May, make sure to try Pulut Mangga Harumanis! Harumanis is a type of mango that is so sweet and flashy which is produced in Perlis.

Photo courtesy of Air Times News Network

For a dining experience unlike any other, visit Restoran Ladang Nipah Kipli in Kuala Sanglang. You can enjoy eating tea-time dishes such as laksa and bihun sup surrounded by Nipah, a type of palm trees. Be sure to try their refreshing and nutritious Nira drink, a popular choice here, procured from the Nipah trees at the farm itself.

Restoran Ladang Nipah Khipli, Kuala Sanglang

Address: No. 282, Kg Tanah Timbul Kuala Sanglang, 02800 Sanglang, Perlis

Tel: 017-4306245

Website: http://niranipahkiplifarm.blogspot.com/

Roti canai may be hailed as the nation’s favourite dish, but in Arau, capati is king. Make a trip to Capati Arau, one of the best restaurants to get delicious capati as attested by the locals. The soft and fluffy capati bread, served with the flavourful curry, tastes so good that it makes people beg for more.

Photo courtesy of Foursquare

Capati Arau

Address: No.28, Jalan 4, Kompleks Tok Arau, 02600 Arau, Perlis

Padang Besar

The Perlis itinerary isn’t complete without the oft-mentioned Padang Besar. Dubbed the shopping heaven strategically located near the Malaysia-Thai border, the town is always bustling with people both from Malaysia and Thailand. Many shops selling various essential and miscellaneous items line up all the way to the border towards Thailand. Haggling is also a currency here. Listen to the conversations between traders and buyers negotiating prices back and forth, which is part of the fun culture that makes Padang Besar a lively place.

Photo courtesy of holidaygogogo

Address: Padang Besar, 01000 Kangar, Perlis

35km from the capital state of Kangar

For more information on places to go in Perlis, feel free to contact our friendly representatives in Perlis who are more than happy to help guide you.

Tourism Malaysia Perlis Office: +604-978 1235/ 1213

If you have been to Perlis, share with us your experiences!