Islamic Arts Museum

The smooth jawi script, intricately carved with the words ‘Tengku Khazijah binti Seri Maharaja Sultan Abdul Jalil, Riau 1127 (Hijrah)’, shone brightly in the glass case. The words were inscribed onto a silver tray, replete with small motifs.

It must have once been an important household item, used by a royal family. Present in the early days of the Riau Sultanate, it would have been used to carry delicious cooked food, and warm drinks for family members, friends and guests.

Other exhibits include a magnificent war helmet, inlaid with precious stones and made using bronze. It is from Iran dating back to the 18th to 19th century AD. There is also a pectoral plate made of silver inlaid with precious carnelian and turquoise stones from Bukhara, Uzbekistan from 19th century AD.

These magnificent exhibits can be found at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, currently showcasing a decade of Islamic exhibitions from the Islamic world.

Housed in a 30,000 square metres building, the museum first opened its doors in 1998, with its turquoise coloured iconic domes and architectural influences from traditional Iran and Central Asia.

One can spend hours admiring the miniatures of the Taj Mahal, Dome of the Rock, Makkah city as well as other notable Islamic structures known today. Found in the architecture gallery exhibit on the first floor of the building, it is well worth a visit.

One of twelve galleries found in the museum, the architecture exhibit is an eye-opener with its precision and scaled down version of the notable Islamic structures in the world.

The other galleries are the India Gallery, Quran and Manuscript Gallery, Malay World Gallery, China Gallery, Arms & Armour Gallery, Jewellery Gallery, Textile Gallery, Living with Wood Gallery, Ceramics Gallery, Metalwork Gallery, and the Coin and Seal Gallery.

The special gallery is also holding a photographic exhibition titled ‘The Art of Integration – Islam in Britain’ with impressive photographs by Peter Sanders, a renowned photographer who has been capturing images of Muslims from all over the world. This particular exhibit will end in June, 2009.

Take a peek into the vibrant and lavish Islamic cultural exhibition, spanning from the Malay Archipelago to the Middle East and China. Come visit the museum today for a stunning experience.

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