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From the fresh seafood in Perlis, the scenic paddy fields in Kedah to the happening hawker stalls in Penang, there is a lot to explore in the northern part of Malaysia. Take a trip away from the popular, bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur, and treat yourself to a wonderful eco-discovery. This time we wish to get you acquainted with the northern side of the beautiful state of Perak.

Photo courtesy of Tourism Perak

Perak, known for its local food scene in its capital of Ipoh where the coffee culture thrives and where hordes of people all the way from Kuala Lumpur are known to go for a day trip or two, to savour the delicious Ipoh white coffee and bean sprout chicken. Even my discerning Penangite taste buds would acknowledge, that the food is worth the trip and the mere utterance of ‘Ipoh food’ calls mouthwatering dishes to mind.

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However, Perak is more than just the distinctive food that make people clamour for more; or its rich culture and heritage that draw interests across cities worldwide like its craft of Labu Sayong. Hidden deep in the northern part of Perak bordering the state of Kedah, lies the District of Selama, where your next adventure awaits.


Photo courtesy of Majlis Daerah Selama

Arguably one of the lesser known districts in Perak, Selama actually boasts a number of attractions that are eco-friendly which allow for the much-needed respite from the hurried urban pace. Not only does it have hidden spots that will get you closer to nature, the myriad nature-related activities that are possible due to its geographical structure might also entice the more active travelers.

Many of the attractions that the Selama District Council has identified as tourism destinations are waterfalls, known as lata, which are perfect for eco-travellers and families alike.


Photo courtesy of Majlis Daerah Selama

Perhaps the most famous of the waterfalls, Lata Tebing Tinggi, has attracted both locals and international visitors due to its natural beauty, where visitors can chill in the fresh water, untainted and pristine, while enjoying local dishes surrounded by greenery and clean air. There are also chalets to accommodate visitors who plan on staying overnight. Amenities including toilets, changing rooms, food stalls, prayer rooms are also provided. Lata Tebing Tinggi is a short 5-minute drive from the town of Rantau Panjang.


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If extreme sports are more of your scene, then Lata Rambung would not disappoint. Just a wee distance from Kampung Selama, Lata Rambung is the place to be to get your adrenaline fix with the Sungai Selama River Rafting! Feel the rush as you navigate the uneven rapids and cruise down Sungai Selama (Selama River) with your teammates. Even though this river rafting is not your average Joe’s activity, beginners are welcomed to experience this thrilling ride as they will be briefed and guided by the professionals at Nature Eco Adventure. Don’t forget your rubber boots and proper attire as you’ll be drenched all over by the end of the ride!


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True to its name, Lata Puteh, which could be loosely translated as the White Waterfall, features what is reportedly the third highest waterfall in Southeast Asia, with the rapidly flowing white water that gives the picturesque view commonly seen on postcards. Here, visitors can trek about an hour’s worth of hiking to get to the peak. As the climb gets pretty steep all the way up, it is recommended for you to be physically fit and mentally prepared before you decide to take up the challenge. Based on testimonials of those who have reached the top, while the journey up there may seem daunting, the rewarding view from above is clearly worth it.


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Another one of the attractions worth checking out in Selama is Lata Buluh. Compared to Lata Puteh or Lata Rambung, Lata Buluh offers a more relaxed vibe where the water stream flows through stony ground, and is flanked by greenery on each side, perfect for families to while away the time. Not only that, it is also in close proximity to the Kolam Udang Air Gunung where you can catch your own Giant Freshwater Prawns (Udang Galah)! Fun fact: the water for the ponds is supplied directly from Lata Buluh!

Stock photo of Udang Galah courtesy of umpan.com.my


For history buffs out there, you may delight in knowing that the mythical Raja Bersiung or the Fanged King was rumoured to have hidden at this place in Selama while on the run as he was outed by the public who had had enough of his oddity. Yes, our olden day vampire was in the habit of consuming blood, human blood, supplied fresh from none other than his own subjects. After he was banished by his army who retaliated against his barbaric rule, he was said to seek shelter in Selama and you can trace the history at the grounds of Kota Raja Bersiung.

Around the remnants of what is believed to be the grounds where Raja Bersiong took shelter
Photo courtesy of suaraperak.com

Other than natural beauty and historical grounds, Selama has recreational spots like APS 3D Archery Range & Resort as well as cultural attractions such as Pak Din Komando’s Keris Gallery. These should definitely be on your list on your next trip to Selama. Share with us your Selama travel experiences here!

For more information on Selama, you can contact the officers at the Council of Selama District below:

Majlis Daerah Selama
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Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel : (+60) 05-8394201
Fax : 05-8394377
Email : webmaster@mdselama.gov.my