Dear friends,


Selamat datang, a warm welcome to Malaysia!


We are delighted to introduce you the latest addition to the Tourism Malaysia website, our very own Tourism Malaysia blog.


Journey with us through lush rainforests, unique city landscapes and traverse the hustle and bustle of life in cities around the country.


We will be posting travels’ ups and downs around Malaysia, and quirky nuances you might never have heard of, too.


We’ll also be posting photos of travels in the photo gallery and videos, so do check them out!


Share with us your comments, and don’t forget Malaysia: The wonders of Asia in one exciting destination!


Best of luck for your travels!


Terima kasih, and Selamat Datang to Malaysia !



Bloggers Tourism Malaysia. 

  • Cynthia


    a very interesting blog site from Tourism indeed! I would like to share these links with you in regards to a Meesha Sukira Batik Gallery in Sri Batu Caves, Selangor.



    we hope the above can be deemed an interesting spot to feature in future.

  • acha


  • putih

    Suka juga baca blog tourism malaysia. Kongsi lah sama dengan kami di

  • hongz

    Keep on doin..improve by adding more pics…2 add more interested 4 ppl 2 read…discover more places tat not been known by tourist n our malaysians…gambateh!!…we r one malaysia

  • Dave

    We come from Austria on first visit to Malaysia last month and Tourism Malaysia recommended a cooking class of Malaysia food and we had a total fantastic time with Rohani Jelani cooking school in Bayan Indah. We think that she is perfect place and person to teach how to make wonderful Asian food and we can now make at home really wonderful and great surprise dinners for our friends. Malaysia has such delicious food and fruits and one is always happily surprised every day with new tastes!

  • About Malaysia

    Well done Tourism Malaysia and keep up the good work!

    Do visit the Kuala Lumpur Attractions page for quick facts and interesting information about places of interest in and around Kuala Lumpur.

  • agentcikay

    wow, extremely interesting posts.. love the site! Keep up the good blog!

  • Putera Adika

    Malaysia memang indah

  • abd. halim hadi

    Hi everyone and congrats to Tourism Malaysia for a nice n welcoming blog stories. These will be a good start to promote Msia.
    Here i like to share some of nice local blog as reference for travellers in the Country (interesting local destination and event) (msia and inter destination)

  • RJen

    Totally agree this statement “The wonders of Asia in one exciting destination!”.
    Malaysia has beautiful islands, wonderful cultures,wide tropical jungle and etc.
    I would like to share these website which provided some useful info and guide when travel to Malaysia. — English version — Chinese version

  • Autumn Belle

    Congratulations to Tourism Malaysia ! The setting up of this blog is very timely indeed. Do keep up the good work. I look foward to your interesting articles promoting our beloved country, Malaysia. Malaysia is a lovely country with many friendly people, beautiful places and eco-friendly parklands. Our impressive diversity of plant species and the wonders of our tropical rainforest have inspired me tremendously.

    To all the visitors of this site, I wish you Selamat Datang and Welcome to Malaysia!

  • familyria92

    Banyak tempat menarik yang boleh dilawati di Malaysia

  • Henry Anderson

    what i love about asian foods is that they are always tasty and spice~-,

  • wani yusof

    i love this blog…I love Malaysia…

  • Liza Alip

    Its a great effort to set up this blog and its timely. We have so many intersting things to share to the world. Congratulations! I hope it will be updated on regular basis, as a Holiday Designer & Consultant, it wil help us to organize a holiday program fro our clients.

    Keep it UpTourism Malaysi!

    I Love Malaysia, My Home, My Country!

  • trulyasiatv

    Hi, its a great blog and we are really appreciate if you can also visit our webtv that’s streaming on a beautiful place, multicultural events and food destinations in Malaysia. Log on to

  • Dean

    Hi, i’ve been Kota kinabalu in malaysia once. it’s wonderful place.
    specially, Mantanai island is the most beautiful place in KK.
    I visit mantanai island through travel agency. it’s too expansive.
    Is there a way that i go to this island in personal way ?
    I want to know the most cheap way to go to mantanai island in detail..
    where is located in the public trasportaion station.. and so on.

    If you know that, plz answer me… that information’s very helpful for me.

  • Daniel

    Hey great blog. You should may be have a area that has a whole section for the budget market Lover. Like If I whant to go to KK I know where to get the best budget hotel in kota kinabalu

  • Duncan

    Yes keep up the good work with this blog. I have a blog of my own which represents my efforts to promote Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia, where I currently live. Check out this link and read more about the lavish new 5-star Zenith Hotel which has recently opened its doors for business.

  • Fie

    I love this site and I hope you don’t mind me listing it as one of my favourite Malaysian travel blogs/stories on my blog because I love anything & everything Malaysian. 🙂

    Fie (Bit by the Travel Bug)

  • thoo2

    I’m a travel blogger (Malaysian) currently residing in San Francisco.
    I can say I miss Malaysia so much!! (I blog in Chinese)

  • kltravelguide

    Hi, keep posting on Malaysia with lots of graphics and images. It would be helpful to tourist and a good way to promote Malaysia 🙂

  • Ilya Houben


    This is a nice initiative of Tourism Malaysia. Hope you are able to keep it going as it is not only nice for tourists to read; it also gives a more personal connection to other people that are promoting Malaysia as a tourist destination (or travel in general). I too am promoting Malaysia on a big scale. I own the biggest Dutch travel website about Malaysia (Veelzijdig Maleisie; started it in 2002) and recently launched my new big website about the country called Wonderful Malaysia. I spend a few years writing and building this new website and would very much like it if you would take a look at it and tell me what you think of it. In the meanwhile I will keep on promoting Malaysia of course :).



  • pelancongankini

    what happened to this blog. please revive it fast, probably to change your concept and presentation. tq.

  • Aidil Omar

    Post more photo and story about Malaysia it will attract more people come to Malaysia they want to see by their self what in you show the photo you post. keep it up!

  • tourism malaysia

    This is a very interesting blog site from Tourism indeed!

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