Let’s face it, one of our main objective for travelling is to have a taste of unique and exotic food. Eating is living to be frank. And talking about munching on food, when it comes to Malaysia, good food could be found everywhere.

But let’s not forget, here in Malaysia, we’re blessed with all year shimmering sun and is neither dry as rains are quite common (considering Malaysia has a tropical climate). So, what comes up when the sun and rain marry each other? Straight from our fertile land, give it up to the fruits and veges!

Photo courtesy SelangorFruitValley.Instagram

Nature Within Reach

Is there a place for you to eat good food and be one with nature but not too far from modernization? Look no further, Malaysia got you covered. Just an hour out of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor Fruit Valley is here to serve and knock your socks off.

Starting from the basics, you are presented with a wide 150 species of herbs in one picturesque garden. With a chilling spurt of fountain and a bridge overlooking the plantation, your eyes and nose (smell of the herbs) will have no time to rest. Not to mention, it’s an obligation for you to pick and harvest veges like Pak Choi (Chinese cabbage), Kangkung (water spinach) and many more. Here, they like it when you get your hands dirty!

Photo courtesy SelangorFruitValley.my

Next, the holy grail of Selangor Fruit Valley, the fruits! You might have heard and probably seen few of them like coconuts, durians, mangoes, and bananas. But have you ever tried jackfruit and its crime partner, Cempedak (from the same genus as jackfruit but the taste is distinctly different). Cempedak is a limited range plant and could be said exclusive from Asia (although some other countries tried to adapt this fruit to their land).

The taste it just out of this world. Picture the taste of jackfruit (if you ever had one) but sweeter, juicier and refreshing. Not to mention other special fruits, like rambutans, pulasan (relative of rambutan & lychee but sweeter), mangoesteen, and many others that i bet even the locals haven’t heard or tasted before.

Photo courtesy SelangorFruitValley.my

Community basis that suits everyone, including YOU!

How about a tram ride and a petting zoo filled with cute furred and feathered friends. All the members of the barn are here awaiting for you to play and feed them. Surely kids would love to get friendly with them.

Photo courtesy SelangorFruitValley.my
Photo courtesy SelangorFruitValley.Instagram

For those who just can’t sit at one place and have to move all the time, you can ride mountain bikes all around the valley, or at their international bike track. You could also opt for water activities at Jeti Keranji. For those literate oriented minds, there’s even a plant nursery equipped with a biotech lab (which is beyond fancy if you ask me). Plus, you can learn the right technique to retreive ‘gold’ from rubber trees.

Photo courtesy SelangorKini.my
Photo courtesy SelangorFruitValley.my

And for those who seek amazing landscapes and backgrounds for the lens, look no further as Selangor Fruit Valley owns a huge pavilion named Carambola (which also acts as an event space). Not to mention their unique eco bridge, Carambola fruit monument, and a traditional Selangor House which also could be used as an event space with a more rustic and local Kampung vibes.

Photo courtesy SelangorFruitValley.my

Heal Up and Cheer Up Among Nature

Photo courtesy SelangorFruitValley.FB

With their mantra, “Jom Makan Buah” (which means let’s eat fruit), Selangor Fruit Valley is a place that fits all. From having a joyous family gathering, adventerous meet-up, dreamy and alive wedding venue, sleeping under the stars in a tent to team building, the word perfect somewhat fits this place (which is not an exaggeration because it’s totally worth it!)

For once, one should really give up and give in, go back to the basics. Take a breather and let the clean air fill your lungs. A place where it could strengthen our humanly bond as well as getting in touch with nature is somewhat rare.

Selangor Fruit Valley

KM 7, Jalan Rawang – Bestari Jaya

45600 Bestari Jaya, Selangor

60 minutes from Kuala Lumpur (51 km)

Contact: +6012-3432971 / +6012-3445033

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday (Closed on Fridays) from 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

Entrance Fee: Adult (RM 15)

   Children/Senior Citizens/Disabled (RM 10)

   International (RM 25-30)

Farm packages can be viewed at their website here: https://selangorfruitvalley.my/