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From an aerial view, it may look like Vlasoff Cay in the Quensland, Australia – a picturesque sandbar at the coral-studded sea, but it’s different.

What you will see is actually heaps of coral fragments that are believed to being washed away over time due to convergence of sea currents, forming a naturally low island.

At low tide, this coral island presents itself as if it is a one-kilometre long strip of land tucked between Sulu Sea and South China Sea. Conversely, at high tide, it totally submerges in a crystalline water.

This natural wonder which was discovered few years ago, is now becoming a new tourism attraction and hidden gem of Pitas, a remote area which is located at the northern tip of Sabah.

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Its potential to be developed as a ‘floating bar’ is spearheaded by a company, Archangle Borneo Holiday, thus offering a unique dining experience in the middle of sea, like no other!

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Located within The Mustapha Marine Park near a peaceful fishing village named Malubang Village in Pitas, it takes about 40-minute ride on speedboat from Marina Jetty Kudat and three-hour away from Kota Kinabalu.

Tun Mustapha Marine Park is the biggest marine protected area in Malaysia, spanning across 898,762.76 hectares with more than 50 islands and islets located across Kudat, Pitas, Kota Marudu districts.

But don’t worry. Hopping on this Floating Coral Bar does not mean you will endanger Tun Mustapha Marine Park ecosystem which has the second largest concentration of coral reefs in Malaysia.

The development of this sustainable tourism attraction instead is supported by Sabah Parks, WWF Malaysia, local tourism association (Supirak Tourism Association) as well as local village community.

In fact, there are several local community boats that have also been registered to bring in local visitors to the Floating Coral Bar.

Embark on boat transfer as you are ready to wander out on this enchanting coral island as if you are going to let yourself in to discover a few of its secret.

One of the best ways to enjoy Floating Coral Bar spectacular scenery is from a sea kayak! You may also opt for other water activities including snorkelling, paddle boarding or just relaxed while sipping a fresh coconut juice on water carpet.

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There is a floating jetty, dining tables, chairs, beach umbrellas, huts as well as pagoda swing. Enjoy a leisurely picnic lunch in the middle of the sea while your feet partially submerged in the water.

Expect a fresh seafood menu for lunch prepared by the local Malubang villagers as a buffet in a boat. All the foods are not cooked at Coral Floating Bar as to ensure the cleanliness and conservation aspect of the area.

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If you really have the opportunity to treasure this off the beaten path destination, why don’t spend a little more time to discover its nearby attraction, Supirak Island.

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This rock island which resemble a huge ship is often associated with local folklore of the legendary stone ark. In short, it is a tale about a young mariner named Ragam being cursed by his heartbroken mother, Supirak together with his ship that finally turned into stone.

Other nearby attractions related to Supirak legend that you might also be interested to visit include Batu Gerawang, Batu Berunsai, Perigi Air Tawar, Batu Dulang, Batu Talam and Batu Kougun.

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