Juicy, red, succulent strawberries…ever had a craving for some?

Malaysians are very fortunate as we do not have to book the next plane ticket overseas as strawberries are grown right at our very doorsteps.

Cameron Highlands, with its cooling climate and low temperatures is the most suitable place for these strawberries to thrive.

Its low temperatures of 10 to 25 degrees Celsius, with a height of more than 1500 meters make the place suitable for the cultivation of strawberries.

Moreover, these fruits are available all year round especially as it is planted using the hydro phonic system. This method uses the technique of mixing mineral nutrients and does not indirectly use soil.

Strawberries planted in the highlands are actually smaller than strawberries found in European countries. This may be because these plants do not get sunlight all year round.

There are a lot of strawberry farms here and visitors can see first hand the technique of hydro phonic planting. Although it is not planted on soil, strawberries found in Cameron Highlands are sweet, and for those who have never tasted strawberries it is a new experience.

Strawberry Farm

Visitors can opt to follow the tours available here, which also has visits to strawberry farms. However, if you have a car, you can visit the numerous strawberry farms available in the area.

Strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands are situated in Brinchang town. Some of the farms are Kasimani’s Strawberry farm, KHM Strawberry, EQ Strawberry farm, Health Strawberry farm, Raju’s Hill Strawberry farm and the Big Red Strawberry Farm.

Upon entering the plantation area of the strawberries, one sees rows and rows of raised wooden platforms. On the wooden platforms are plastic containers planted with strawberries.jams and more!

There are young strawberries still white and green, and once ripe turns red like the red saga seeds. The small size may be due to the nutrients in the climate as well as the cold weather.

Children would be delighted to have a go at picking their own strawberries, as well having the opportunity to see strawberries up close. They also get to ‘taste’ the fruits of their pickings.

The craze associated with strawberries can be seen everywhere in Cameron Highlands.

There are also souvenir shops at the strawberry farms selling all kinds of products related to strawberries.

One can find strawberry by-products such as jam, milk shake, pudding, pancakes, cheesecakes, chocolates, salads and even yoghurts. Also on sale are souvenirs such as dolls, hair clips, sandals, bracelets, hats, and much more.

Visitors can also take pictures of workers packing the strawberries for sale, as well as sampling the delicious recipes used with strawberries. Strawberry tea is also sold for those wishing a difference in their tea.

perfect morning breakfast!strawberries with pancakes

The next time you have a craving for strawberry, you don’t have to go far to eat delicious, succulent strawberries, just head for Cameron Highlands, Malaysia’s strawberry haven.

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