After a lovely swim or a fun snorkelling session, stomachs are sure to be rumbling in anticipation of some good food.  What better way to satisfy those hunger pangs than to eat like a true islander does. Here are some places to get some authentic local food that not only feeds the belly but the soul too 😉

Kedai Kak Ti


Location: Kedai Kak Ti is located at the Fisherman’s Village. Being a local favourite on the island, it is a hit amongst locals and tourist alike. Kedai Kak Ti is easily spotted; located to the right of the jetty in the middle of the island, the eatery faces the sea just past a hut with a small welcome arch.

Although it is a small stall, also known as a warung to locals, it is constantly busy. With friendly stall attendants who help out with orders. The food is pre-cooked and laid out in trays for customers to choose. So you can the treat you’re in for.

Operating hours: 7am to 3pm

Tip: Try to wake up earlier to beat the breakfast crowd as it’s the time of the day that it’s most swarmed so breakfast runs out pretty quickly.

Best time to go: As soon as it opens! For breakfast, savour some sweet kuih and a hot cup of Teh Tarik as you watch a beautiful sunrise over the horizon. Having a meal by the beach is an island experience that is a must.

blog2What to eat: At around RM10 per person, you can enjoy a variety of rice, roti canai, meats, fishes and vegetables. The meat and fish dishes here in Terengganu are cooked a little differently from the food found in Kuala Lumpur – with a rush of bold flavours ranging from sweet to savoury, spicy and tangy. Seafood is extremely fresh, caught off the island and usually marinated with local spices to give it a unique flavour.

Tip: Remember what you had for food as the restaurant operates on a eat-first-pay-later basis 🙂

Optional (but recommended): The vegetable acar is a must-try especially for rice dishes. Mix the acar with your rice and dishes for a full burst of flavours! Acar is a combination of crunchy vegetables such as onions, cucumbers, carrots and cabbage with sweet and sour zests of lime, sugar and occasionally, chili. It is a usual Malay appetizer that goes extremely well with rice and meat dishes.



Sunset Café

It’s hot, you’re sweating and you need an energy boost for that afternoon dive. Sunset Café is the perfect place for a quick meal and refreshing fruity drinks!


Location: Sunset Café is located on Coral Bay Beach and it isn’t hard to spot! It is a small burger stall that serves a whirlwind of fruit shakes and burgers!

Operating hours: Day time

Best time to go: Lunch time or tea time


blog6What to eat: Their specialty burgers are served with piping hot French fries and cost around RM10 each. They serve chicken or beef patties garnished with fresh vegetables and black pepper sauce. For a Malaysian twist, add chili sauce in it for a kick of sweet spiciness. If burgers don’t have enough carbs for you, go for the fried rice, noodles or sandwiches that are available too.

Another specialty to enjoy under the sun here at Sunset Café is their made-to-order fresh shakes and juices. Made with the freshest fruits, these fruit shakes are refreshing and chilled, perfect for a sunny day on the beach! For a sweeter and creamier treat, try either of their best-selling Snickers or Mars shakes. You can enjoy these with the share of the palm tree and the cool ocean breeze.


Warung Pila


If you are craving for something sweet, small and satisfyingly Malaysian, Warung Pila is the perfect place! With Malaysian tea time favourites like mee goreng, cokodok and an assortment of kueh, your taste buds are definitely in for a treat.

Location: Fisherman’s Village

Operating hours: Day time

Best time to go: Tea time, of course!


What to eat: The main highlight here is not the savoury mee goreng, but is in fact the 3 types of famous kueh; doughnuts, red bean puffs and kacang sepet puff. The doughtnuts can be served plain with sugar or with a dollop of generous condensed milk on top. The red bean puffs are made fresh and the kacang sepet puff might be their best kueh yet. Kacang sepet indirectly translates to tiny peanut and is the main attraction of the stall.

Picture2On a normal day, Warung Pila sells more than a 100 pieces of kacang sepet puffs to locals and tourists alike. With friendly customer service and an inquisitive attitude towards everyone, tourists are made to feel at home with these friendly islanders. All their kueh are crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Be warned, these little sweet delights tend to be quite addictive.


One thing that’s great about the Warung Pila is that they let customers try their kueh before buying! Although these are sweet desserts, Warung Pila uses grounded fish, sugar and other secret ingredients to make them so delicious.


Fatimah Café


After a full day of activities in the sun, enjoying the sunset whilst feasting on a dinner of fresh seafood at Fatimah Café is a must.  Seafood is caught daily and marinated with the best Terengganu spice before being barbequed. To keep hydrated and compliment your feast with some fresh coconut water!


Location: Coral Bay, Small Island

Operating hours: Evening till night

Best time to go: Dinner time

What to eat: Fresh fish, shell fish and chicken that is barbequed to perfection. Your selection can be cooked in sweet and sour, black pepper, coconut, chili in sweet soya sauce or garlic butter marinade. A main dish of your choice will be barbequed and served with white rice, baked potatos, banana cake and a slice of watermelon. Food usually takes 10-25 minutes depending on the type of seafood or chicken preparation requested. Have an amazing view of the sunset whilst enjoying your meal.



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