What do you get if you add up a highland, Disneyland and Vegas in one place? Genting Highland, is almost the answer you get for that. The premier hill station destination in Malaysia since the early days, Genting is a one stop centre for all the fun you need. Genting is famous for many reasons and activities. Home of show and events, entertainment, shopping, theme parks, casinos, staycation or vacation, the place attracts people around the world to its door step – all year round.

For a start, Genting is just a stone away from Kuala Lumpur, literally. Just about 45 minute drive from the capital city, there are many modes of transports, from coaches to taxis to choose from. Just as you feel a bit dizzy driving up, you’ll reach to the first stop. At this moment, you will start to feel a fresh breeze – clean and pure. The place is an integrated buildings terminal with a celebrated outlet, a parking, and a terminal station. Welcome to AwanaSkypark, which also a home to the Genting Premium Outlet (GPO).

The GPO is totally awesome peek into Genting’s best shopping offering. The mall boasts about 150 shops in total. If your legs are getting tired, just stop for a nice snack and drink, available from the many F&B outlets. Or if you just want to stroll, Gohtong Walk is a new attraction near SkyAvenue. There is ‘an outdoor amphitheatre, food trucks, skiing and some carnival type games. A nice place to chillax and talk a stroll in the cool mountain air.’

Up, Up and Away

Well this is the best part, at least for most of visitors. Travelling to the top venue is equally interesting and unique. You may need to choose a gondola, comes in 2 types. It is actually a cabel car which will take you from SkyPark to SkyAvenue in about less than 20 minutes.

The standard gondola can accommodate up to 10 passengers, while the glass-floor gondola accommodates only six passengers. You may choose any to your liking, as the latter offers a clearer scenery. Take your time to enjoy the view, lush greenery and the misty atmosphere.

There is a catch. You may stop midway at the beautiful Chin Swee Caves Temple and its magnificent surroundings at no extra cost.


In no time your gondala will arrive at the SkyAvenue. There are few options you may choose, depending on your itinerary. First, there are few main buildings in the whole lot. You’ll find accommodation, amusement parks and well as a mall. This is a big City of entertainment!

Step in the atrium, and be amazed with the colourful interactive display. SkySymphony is a free-to-public performance showcasing an extraordinary orchestra of audio, visual and motion graphics programming. The best itinerary is to explore the venue inch by inch, as they are too many wonders to be experienced and tried.

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Try the outdoor park and test your limit with the available games and rides. For example, Flying Scooter, Space Shot, Antique Car ride and many more. If you are willing to wet yourself, try splash pool and enjoy the show.

In addition, there is Big Top Video Games Park made available for the family fun. There is also Ripley’s Museum if you prefer a relax time wondering around the premise. The 20th Century Fox Theme Park is said to be in the pipeline, so watch this space! The Void offers VR experience for hi-tech fun, or you may also opt for Genting Bowl for bowling in the sky as Bona Cinema takes your movie experience to the new level.

The indoor is no less exciting. Try the latest Skytropolis park, where you may heed to the indoor sky diving and try imagining yourself in a Mission Impossible sequels. Or you may try the climbing wall and challenge yourself to the max. There is also the horror gallery Train To Busan.

Choose SnowWorld if you need some experience in a sub-zero environment, complete with life-like snowfalls, changing day-to-night sceneries, warm igloo houses, and relics of ancient Roman castles. Famous pick, the Toboggan slide provides hours of fun for both adults and children alike! Don’t forget there will be Oscar Leung, the celebrated Hong Kong singer live in concert, this February. What a perfect Chinese New Year Celebration!

If you need a room, there are many choices of five to lower star rated accommodation. Positioned adjacent to SkyCasino, the new Crockfords Hotel is consciously designed to be one of the highland’s swankiest hidden gems. Crockfords is rated Five-Star by the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide 2019.

Other selection includes Genting Grand, Maxims, Resort World Awana, Resort World, First World, and Theme Park Hotel. How convenient!

Further info & photo credit:  www.rwgenting.com