The Year 2020 promises to be an eventful one in Malaysia. In line with Visit Malaysia 2020 (VM2020), various events have been planned and will take place across states nationwide. Capitalising on the opportunity to introduce the smorgasbord of attractions they can offer, some states have announced their campaigns for 2020 including Penang, Johor and Kelantan.

Arguably one of the more traditional states in Malaysia known as the cradle of Malay arts and culture, Kelantan is home of the famed blue-coloured rice, nasi kerabu (my personal favourite!), artistic designs of the wau and the ever famous women-majority sellers at the Pasar Siti Khadijah.

Kelantan Fun Map
Source: E-Brochures Tourism Malaysia

Located approximately 7 hours from the capital city by car, Kelantan offers an exquisite experience for travellers who seek a change from the hurried pace of the city, where time probably stands on its own axis which allows you to be at leisure and explore nature’s wonders.

Kelantan is known to have a very distinctive culture, owing partly to the fact that it is located away from the urban capital, in the north east of Peninsular Malaysia, bordering the Narathiwat Province of Thailand. The uniqueness of Kelantan is clearly reflected in many aspects of the locals’ lifestyle, most evidently in their manner of speech which gave birth to the Kelantanese dialect; food as well as arts and crafts. This means that Kelantan should definitely be on your list for your trip to Malaysia as there is so much to explore!

To commemorate Visit Kelantan Year 2020, we’re happy to highlight some of the attractions that you must try when you visit this beautiful East Coast state.

Kelantan Cuisine

Ah, nothing moves Malaysians as much as food does. Kelantan has a very distinctive taste, where it is known to have dishes generous with coconut milk and sweet things. Try these food famous in Kelantan for a start:

Nasi Kerabu
Picture Courtesy of Taste Atlas
Nasi Dagang
Nasi Tumpang

Of course, there are many more and where better to ‘sample’ them than at the Food Festival here.

Join the 3F Carnival which is the theme chosen for the Visit Kelantan 2020 Campaign: Family, Food and Festival or the Kelantan Art & Culture Festival (KACF) and get acquainted with the Kelantanese culture!

Check out the Calendar of Events for the state throughout 2020 for more details:

Places of Attractions

It isn’t a trip to Kelantan if you didn’t stop by the famous Pasar Siti Khadijah or Pantai Cahaya Bulan. Pasar Terapung Pulau Suri is also worth a visit if you want to experience Malaysia’s floating market.

Pasar SIti Khadijah
Source: Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu
Pantai Cahaya Bulan
Pulau Suri Floating Market

One of the more defining features of Kelantan that deserves attention is the fact that it is very much steeped in traditional arts and cultures. Unlike urban areas like in KL and Penang, the traditional crafts scene is very much alive in Kelantan. Don’t forget to check out some of them like the beautiful Wau Bulan (kites), Gasing (Spinning Tops) and Wayang Kulit (Shadow Play) on your next visit to Kelantan!

Wau Bulan
Gasing (Spinning Top)
Source: Malaysian Craft Kelantan
Wayang Kulit Kelantan (Shadow Puppet Play)
Source: Malaysia

Take a sneak peek of what awaits you in Kelantan.

Welcome to Kelantan
Source: TIC Kelantan Youtube

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