Traversing the Royal Klang Town Heritage Walk

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Succinctly encapsulated by the town’s slogan Klang Bandar DiRaja, Klang is known as the Royal Town as it houses the palace of the Sultan of Selangor. Perhaps the mention of Klang will bring to mind an image of a quaint, regal town. The Royal Klang Town Heritage Walk is basically a beginner’s guide to get better acquainted with this town that is known to be one of the earliest sites for human settlement in this region.

2 Days & 1 Night in Temerloh: What’s There to Do?

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When thinking about Pahang, we’d always think about its beautiful coast of Teluk Cempedak and Cherating, the splendour of Tioman Island, hipster-esque cafes in the heart of Kuantan, and the majestic Tahan Range, home to Mount Tahan and our Taman Negara. Temerloh, on the other hand, is seldomly the first to come to mind. Fortunately, […]

A Quick Guide to Malaysia’s Drive-In Cinemas

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The “new norm” following the Covid-19 outbreak has significantly changed our lifestyle, including the common scene for movie-goers. Recently, drive-in cinemas that used to be common back in the day, has made a comeback in Malaysia. Did you know that not too long ago, locals used to enjoy movies under the stars, on picnic mats? […]

Level Up Your Homestay Experience at the Highlands of Bakelalan

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In a quiet, sleepy town of Sarawak, where the mountains and lands stretch as far as the eyes could see, lies the village of Bakelalan. Imagine waking up being serenaded to the sounds of nature as you breathe in the crisp, clean air, 1,000 metres above sea level. This is what awaits you at Bakelalan Homestay, situated on the highlands of the state of Sarawak, where there resides one of the most important Lun Bawang settlements in Malaysia.

Top Iconic Attractions to Explore in Alor Setar City

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Alor Setar, the capital city of Kedah has the olden-day charm that is often overlooked by regular tourists. Often eclipsed by its more famous sister-city Langkawi that is known as the Jewel of Kedah, this city that is nearly 300 years old, offers traditional ‘kampung’ scene with its antiquated buildings and vast paddy fields. Pssst..the prices are generally on the cheaper side too!

Discover Mangrove Forests in Malaysia

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Malaysia is blessed with an abundance of mangrove forests. Its unique physique plays a vital role as an extremely strong barrier and protector against impacts from the sea, such as storms and tsunamis. The surroundings of a mangrove forest create a productive ecosystem, allowing a healthy food chain to take place and contributing to biodiversity […]
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