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Good news for all beach lovers and island hoppers, for March is finally here. March means monsoon period is well over in the calendar year, and the coveted islands in East Coast are all ready to operate in no time. The fact is, while most of islands and beaches in Malaysia are open all-year round, some islands in East Coast are temporarily closed due to monsoon season from November to February.

With high waves and rough seas during the monsoon, most of the East Coast’s islands are difficult to be reached, as unpredictable climate of South China Sea makes it uncomfortable for business to operate. But with March is on sight, the calmer waters promise another new adventure for travellers and island hoppers.

Having said that, East Coast islands in the states of Pahang and Terengganu are back as popular destinations post-monsoon season, with a long list of beautiful beaches and islands.

There are many East Coast’s islands are ready to welcome you. For example, the famous Tioman Island in Pahang is a perfect gateway for beach lovers. A truly paradise, Tioman is a well-known beauty for many travellers looking for something special, away from the hustle and bustle of a city.

From Kuala Besut you can travel within 30 minutes by fast boat or with 1.5 hours with the regular boat. There are no more direct flights to Tioman. The best option is to take the boat from Mersing.

Famous for snorkelling and diving, Tioman Island provide beautiful sunset, great accommodations and natural ambience that never fails to entice its visitors. Top locations to spend include Salang, Genting and Air Batang. If you are looking for a bit of hustle & bustle, try Salang with a more crowded area.

As Air Batang is well known are for marine activities, including snorkelling, the secluded bay of Salang typically draws scores of international backpackers for the livelier nightlife, affordable accommodation and its proximity to some of Tioman Island’s best diving sites, writes

Oh, don’t forget to take your favourite golf set in Tioman. It will be another memorable holiday to be, as you teeing off with a colourful horizon on the background.

Terengganu, the neighbouring state of Pahang promises another few hot venues not to be missed. For island lovers, Redang and Perhentian are top in the mind with much attractions and great facilities.

Redang, is just about 45 minutes to 2 hours ferry ride from either two jetties of Merang, or Syahbandar in Kuala Terengganu. In Redang, there are many wonderful types of accommodations offered there, which ever suits your budget. There are high end resorts with private beaches, or nice and clean hostels for backpackers and easy travellers.

Redang is made of nine beautiful islands in total. The Taaras beach is a best beach in the island, apart from Pasir Panjang beach, Teluk Dalam and Mutiara beaches. There are many activities await visitors – BBQ by the beach, having a fresh coconut shake on your swinging hammock, or just lying idle watching the sundown. You can also take diving courses here from diving schools to get a diving license known as Open Water license or PADI.

Perhentian Islands also offers unique experience for visitors. Just 45 minutes by speed boat from Kuala Besut, there are Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil islands to choose from. Both have fine sandy beaches, green forests, rugged rock structures, curiously beautiful large boulders, clear sea water, colourful fishes and charming wildlife.

In addition, there were inland hiking routes available as well such as the Windmills hiking route. Air Tawar Beach was one of the best places to view spectacular sunrise, while a hike up to Bukit Keluang further to the south of Kuala Besut provided majestic view of a sea cliff and distant promontories,’ writes a visitor in Tripadvisor.

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