There’s only so much a person can say about a place, food and people. If I were to tell you that Malaysia has the most beautiful beaches, delicious food or interesting culture, you could also tell me that other countries have that too. The best way to introduce anyone to Malaysia is by show and tell. That’s why the next five photos here will enchant you to Malaysia’s best experiences and sights.

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Street art in Penang

From the moment you enter George Town, Penang’s capital, you’ll be greeted with art at every corner. Murals, sculptures, galleries, museums and perhaps the occasional street performances. Many would consider George Town as the art hub of Malaysia. All year, events such as exhibitions, music festivals and even film festivals are held here. International artists collaborate with local ones to break barriers through art and music. On a normal day in George Town, check out their art cafes which showcase locally-produced masterpieces or enjoy the live bands that play in the evening.


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Back to nature in Taman Negara

Malaysia’s National Park in the state of Pahang is a must-see for any nature lover. It has a reputation of being the oldest rainforest, estimated to be more than 130 million years old and is home to some rare wildlife such as the Malayan Tiger, crab-eating Macaque and Indian elephant. There are tons of activities too like jungle-trekking, cave exploration, canopy walk, bird watching and the exciting rapid shooting.



Food galore

Ask any Malaysian or anyone who has visited Malaysia what’s the best thing to expect here and they are more than likely to say it’s the food. You can eat food from around the world without actually having to travel around the world here. Everything from Indian food to Vietnamese cuisine, Malaysia has it. But don’t skip on the local delicacies like nasi lemak, char kway teow or satay. You haven’t tasted Malaysia until you’ve tried those.


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Culture club

Being a multi-racial society, Malaysia’s landscape is dotted with various cultural footprints. Go anywhere here and you’ll find evidence of some sort of cultural heritage, be it religious or historical. Hindu temples, mosques and Buddhist temples are at almost every nook and cranny. Over at East Malaysia, the indigenous tribes of Sabah and Sarawak still maintain their customs and traditions and you can always experience it first hand during one of their annual celebrations such as Hari Gawai, a day where they celebrate a bountiful harvest.


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Paradise on earth

Try and Google Malaysian islands and look at the images. The islands look exactly as advertised. Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, rich marine life, beautiful corals and blue skies should be enough to entice anyone to visit Malaysia’s islands. Rent some diving gear and be transported to another world under the sea or just lay on the sand to get your tan on. Be generous with the sunblock though. The sun is a harsh friend.