amplang crackersAmplang?!

“What did you say the name was?”

While trying to pronounce the strange sounding word correctly several times, I reached out for the amplang on the table.

Biting into the crunchy snack, my taste buds began to digest its intense burst of flavour.

“It’s different, isn’t it?”

Where did you buy this?

“In Sabah, at the pasar tamu (market) in Kota Kinabalu,” said a friend.

“Ah…I see,” I reached for another one of the amplang fish crackers.

Hollow, yellow and puffed up just about sums up these small, squarish crackers.

The amplang fish cracker is made from mackerel mixed with tapioca flour, starch, garlic, egg, sugar and salt. It is then deep-fried until crispy.

Unique in size and taste, these delightful deep-fried fish crackers are commonly made and found in the East Coast of Sabah, especially in Tawau.

yummy!When cooled, it is packed in plastic, and sold in several sizes such as 250 grams to 1 kilogram.  It is later sold to other parts of Sabah including Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu.

Traditionally a local snack eaten by families durin afternoon tea, it can now be eaten anytime throughout the day.

If you know of anyone visiting Sabah, do ask them to bring back a pack (or two) of delicious amplang fish crackers!


Further enquiries:

Sabah is located in East Malaysia, and the journey to the capital city of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur by flight takes approximately 2 hours 35 minutes.

There are daily flights to Sabah offered by Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia

For more information, please contact Tourism Sabah Office Tel: +6088-248 698 / 211 732.

Alternatively you could also visit for more information on Sabah.