Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!

New resolutions? New places to travel?  Any interesting places to visit?

Share the adventure with us as we explore more of Malaysia this year.

It is a wonderful year, with more and more people coming to visit the country and explore the many events celebrated throughout Malaysia.

In January, there will be the Royal Langkawi International Regatta (from 8 January to 15 January, 2010). The Royal Langkawi International Regatta has participants coming from various countries across the Asia Pacific region.

Another important event is Thaipusam, celebrated on 30 January. It is an annual annual Hindu festival where devotees perform various rituals and carry ‘kavadis’ or ornate frames as acts of devotion and penance.

The main venue is the world-renowned Batu Caves temple, set within a limestone cave. Do come early if you wish to partake or observe the events, as devotees usually gather here a few days before the big event itself.

The highlight of the month would be the 16th Malaysia Tourism Awards 2008/2009 to be held this Saturday, 9 January 2010. You can watch the live event from 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm  (GMT +8 hours) at this link, on the Truly Asia web tv.


Thank you for visiting and supporting us in 2009, and hope you’ll find more new things in 2010!

Have a great and X-citing year ahead!

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