By Lloyd Green

  1. Kanching Falls

Where: Between Selayang and Rawang. You can park at the entrance to the reserve.

Level: Easy hike

Positives: Kanching Falls is the closest falls to Kuala Lumpur so you don’t have to drive far and if it starts raining there is easy access to your car. It is perfect for beginners and families as there is a bit of nature as well as civilisation with a Tesco not far away. There is also a canteen at the entrance which has raw and cooked items.

Negatives: Due to its proximity to the city it can get quite crowded on weekends. There are also a lot of monkeys which will steal your things if you’re not careful. Whatever you do don’t feed them as that will draw them closer.

Things to Remember: If it looks like raining do not climb the seventh tier of the falls. You will not be able to see your footing as everything becomes a stream and it becomes quite dangerous.

blog 1Kanching Falls

  1. Sungai Sendat Falls

Where: About 5km from Ulu Yam Baharu. The road ends at a bridge where you can park the car. From there it is a short walk to the falls.

Level: Easy hike

Positives: Sendat Falls is perfect for families. There is no hike to speak of, is just a three minute walk from your car and has plenty of food stalls to get supplies. There are also no monkeys or other animals to annoy you.

Negatives: It can get quite crowded with most of the huts taken early leaving little room between the various groups of people.


  1. Kampung Pertak Waterfall

Where: Located in Kuala Kubu Bharu. The exit is about 2km before the more famous Chilling Falls. It is about a five minute hike into the jungle form the Kg Pertak.

Level: Medium hike

Positives: Kg Pertak waterfall is open 24/7, seven days a week. The area is looked after by an Orang Asli man who is very friendly and will help you with whatever you need. He may even help you start your fire. Since Kg Pertak is a remote area he loves being brought gifts from the city such as soft drink and condensed milk.

Things to Remember: This is more suitable to seasoned hikers and people who love camping. There are no rangers and no warning signs, so you will need to have a basic sense of direction as you may get lost.


  1. Chilling Falls

Where: Situated 21 kilometres from Kuala Kubu Bharu on the road to the Gap.

Level: Medium hike

Positives: Regarded as the most stunning waterfalls in Selangor and has many deep pools for swimming.

Things to Remember: Chilling Falls is controlled by the Selangor fisheries department with a section of the area used for research. As a result, it is only open to public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To reach the mother falls you have to pass six river crossings. The water is waste deep and the current can get strong, but is not dangerous. Do not hike to the top if it is raining as flash flooding is possible. You will need to register to climb to the top falls and are required to check back in by 5.30pm latest. The camping site is located at the base of the falls.

 blog 2Chilling Falls

  1. Lepok Falls

Where: About 15 km north of Ulu Langat, near Kg Pangsun

Level: Medium to difficult hike

Positive: Lepok has many deep pools for swimming and there is also a durian orchard as well as a bamboo forest en route to the waterfalls. Lepok is also a relatively unknown place with only experienced hikers coming here.

Things to Remember: You will need to hike uphill about 4km to reach Lepok Falls with an elevation of 350m. It is worth the effort considering the beautiful surrounds and unspoiled jungle you will see. Make note there are no amenities here, so camping only.

blog 3You will find relative peace and quiet at Lepok Falls

  1. Gunung Tahan

Where: Taman Negara national forest, in the state of Pahang. About a 46km hike from where you park and register in Sungai Relau.

Level: Expert Hike

Positives: Gunung Tahan is one of the steepest peaks in Asia and the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia at 2,187m. It takes four days to reach the top with camping needed each night. You will need to register and pay a small fee for access.

Things to Remember: You can’t just decide to hike Gunung Tahan. You need to prepare and be really fit. You can choose a two day hike but that is for extreme hikers. As a result, you need to come well prepared and make sure you have water proof flash lights with back up batteries. You will also need to have basic survival skills, good navigation, knowledge of how to deal with the elements as well as a custom built first aid kit.


  1. Taman Nagara

Where: A three-hour coach ride from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Tembeling jetty. It is then a 2-1/2 hour boat ride to Kuala Tahan at the entrance of Taman Negara.

Level: Depends on the activity you choose

Positives: You can select a range of activities to do: jungle trekking, canopy walk, night jungle walk as well as many places to observe native animals.

Negatives: It can be more touristy than other places and is quite expensive once you tally up the costs of transport, accommodation (if needed) and entry.

Things to Remember: You can’t go exploring by yourself. You will be appointed a guide to show you around depending on the activity you choose. Hefty fines do apply for breaking Taman Negara park rules.

blog 4Taman Negara