Vibrant colours leap out from the painting, embellishing the walls with a unique style of Malaysian contemporary art.

Malaysian art scene has steadily gained acclaimed recognition with the emergence of unique painting styles, catapulting Malaysia’s artists to international prominence.

Gaining momentum as an art tourism destination, Malaysia is slowly but surely entering the international art foray with a yearly three-month long campaign held from July to September under the aptly titled, ‘ 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival’.

Entering its third year, the festival, aims to establish Malaysia as a hub for contemporary art in the region by showcasing the works of local artists. The collaboration of art galleries, museums, state governments, embassies and educational institutions, NGOs and the private sector is also helping to promote the event extensively.

The main highlights of the festival will be several exhibitions showcasing exciting and vibrant works by some of the best internationally-acclaimed Malaysian artists, both young and established personalities.

These include artists such as Suhaimi Fadzir, Ahmad Shukri Mohamad, Datuk Mahsun Taib, Mohd Shaimy Hashim, Khalil Ibrahim, Umibaizurah Mahir, Yap Kim Boon, Yong Yoke Lam, Suzlee Ibrahim, Yusof Gajah, Maamor Jantan and Juhari Said.

Others include Kelvin Chua, Chang Fee Ming, Fong Kim Sing, Ismail Kadir, Khoo Sui Hoe, Ho Say Yong, Lee Weng Fatt, Md Salleh Dawam, Ahmad Zaki, Bayu Utomo Radjiki, Latif Mauln, Nizam Abdullah, Pheh It Hao, Samsudin Wahab and Peter Liew.

Art exhibitions around the country will also be showcased at several venues. Those attending the Rainforest World Music Festival from 13 to 15 July at the Sarawak Cultural Village will also get to see an art exhibition, titled ‘Sarawak Heritage.’

There will also be an art event at the Esplanade by Kuantan River from the 14 to 15 July by the Persatuan Senilukis dan Senireka Melayu Pajang (SENIKA) celebrating fine art, graffiti and mural art.

Besides this, there will be other art-related events organised nationwide. For a full list, click on the link:

Art students from institutions of higher learning institutions will also be able to participate in an art tourism competition with the theme, ‘The Futurists’.

The competition aims to ensure a thriving and sustainable art culture for the future. Handled by the Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Malaysia, Balai Seni Visual Malaysia and Gabungan Persatuan Pelukis SeMalaysia (GAPS). A total of RM 43, 000 in prize money will be given to the top 62 winners of the competition. Download the form here: 1MCAT ‘1Msia-The Futurist’ Art Competition Entry Form

For further information on 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival, check out the downloadable brochure:

1MCAT 2012 ‘Malaysia Your New Art Tourism Destination’ Directory



Caption: Paintings showcased at the recent launch of 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre