The Royal Mulu Resort

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Welcome to Royal Mulu Resort

An Orang Ulu dance enthrals guests as they arrive at the Royal Mulu Resort (RMR). The resort, a 30 minutes’ flight from Miri city in East Malaysia, is an ideal getaway. It is especially so, for those wishing to go on a trip to the famed UNESCO World Heritage site, Gunung Mulu National Park.

Though only a step away from the Gunung Mulu National Park, guests can experience every imaginable comfort that one can find, especially in the rainforest.Styled in the influence of ethnic longhouses

Styled with the influence of ethnic longhouses and built on wooden stilts by the banks of the Melinau River, the resort rooms are linked by a series of wooden walkways to the main reception hall.  world-class comforts at the crown suite

The 188 rooms comprising of deluxe, executive, crown suite and royal suite are furnished with parquet tiles, come equipped with mini-bar, as well as standard amenities for guests. Rooms enjoy a spacious veranda, offering guests a view of either the lush jungle or the Melinau River.

Guests can dine at the Wild Flower Restaurant and enjoy world-class performances by the resorts’ very own dancers. There are also the Riverside Lounge & Splash Bar, swimming pool, jacuzzi at the pool side and spa treatments, especially welcoming after enduring a journey to the Gunung Mulu National Park, located 5 minutes’ away by van.The Melinau River runs by the resort

the quaint gift-shopOther facilities include a mini library, broadband internet café, conference meeting room and banqueting facilities as well as a pool table.

As an international class nature and activities destination, the Royal Mulu Resort offers a wide choice of activities for guests. Some of the activities include rock climbing, kayaking, bicycling, ATV Mulu Tour and more.  

Royal Mulu Resort staffs are also trained with First Aid procedures. In event of an emergency, there is also a clinic from the nearby village not far from the resort.Try out the ATV activities at the resort!

Being at the resort is an experience truly worth savouring, especially so close to the lush rainforest and amazing caves of Gunung Mulu National Park. The next time you’re in Mulu, stay at the Royal Mulu Resort!

 How to get there:

By Air

Malaysia Airlines (Maswings) operates three daily flights from Miri into Mulu (30 minute flight)

By Boat
You can also take the express boat from Kuala Baram (three hours) to Marudi. From Marudi, take a commercial express boat to Kuala Apoh or Long Panai on the Tutoh River (a tributary of the Baram River). The express departs Marudi at noon daily and returns to Marudi in the early morning of the next day. The trip takes about three hours.Royal Mulu Resort

For further enquiries contact:

Royal Mulu Resort

CDT62, 98007 Miri

Sarawak, Borneo


Tel.: +60 (85) 792 388

Fax: +60 (85) 792 399

Reception Mobile: +60 (12) 873 / 878 0010

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