The Best Malaysia Has To Offer – Citrawarna/Colours Of 1Malaysia 2013

The Best Malaysia Has To Offer – Citrawarna/Colours Of 1Malaysia 2013

By on May 21, 2013 in Festivals with 29 Comments

Citrawarna also known as Colours of 1 Malaysia will be held on 25th May 2013 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. It returns for another year of showcasing the best of what Malaysia has to offer and to prove that colours and cultures always have a correlation with one another in most festivals in Malaysia.

Founded in 1999 to reflect the rich cultures that Malaysia represents, the event has since spread awareness of Malaysia’s artistic, geological and cultural gems to many parts of the world.


The ruler of Malaysia, Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Al-Haj Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah and his queen are expected to grace the event to officiate at the Citrawarna 2013 Parade as well as to lend the event their support.

The yearly event celebrated every May, to unite various states of the nation in one single place to portray their culture and lifestyle. One can use this opportunity to see shows presented by different ethnic races of this multicultural country.

To expect larger and more dazzling event in this 15th year celebration, one can also get the experience of seeing various talents and cultural performances exhibited on one solo stage or floor where all the nook and corner of Malaysia gets bonded.

During this festival there will be traditional dances, parades, exhibitions, traditional costumes and jewelleries and many more events that will bring together all the different races in Malaysia. Each ethnic Malaysian community will showcase their traditional and customary individuality in costumes, head gears, traditional dance and music, art and craftwork and also traditional cuisine and delicacies and many more.


Depicted as a ‘premier cultural extravaganza’ by Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Malaysia, the festive brings in joy in every Malaysian’s soul as one can see all the arts and dance performances of the country under one roof. There are visitors from other continents as well to enjoy these shows.

This year’s festival too will be a time of celebration of unity among Malaysian, so come along with your family!

For tourists, visitors and foreigners, come and join this great gala extravaganza with your fellow Malaysians and enjoy 1Malaysia!

Come to Malaysia with wide-opened eyes and mind as this is a land of festival where you can treat your vision as well as inhale the gala air every moment and every minute. Indulge yourself in numerous functions of the country and get unlimited joy that will remain in your heart forever.



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  1. Malaysian says:

    Great to post the event what time the event starts? If Tourism Malaysia spends lots of investment into event like this, perhaps it is good idea to provide more information to tourists:
    1) how to go to the venue, where to park or via public transportation
    2) layout plan for the site (to know where are toilets, food stores, emergency routes)
    3) itinerary (is this a 8 hours or 1 hour event etc.)

    Hope the tax payer money is maximized to attract more tourists. Cheers.

  2. laily liey says:

    hai,i am one of the committee member for my society club in UiTM. i m interested to make out any activities regarding our cultures and heritages which is knowledgeable and can bring an educational value with a small budget. Did you have any suggestion on that? a short trip maybe.. i hope that you will help me..

  3. liza says:

    Hi Malaysian! Thank you for your comments and constructive feedback. Since the event is over for this year, perhaps we will include the ideas and suggestions for next years’ event to attract more and more tourists and also Malaysians to enjoy this extravaganza Citawarna/Colours of 1Malaysia! :-)

  4. liza says:

    Hi laily liey! Thank you for having interests in Malaysian culture & heritage activities! Perhaps you could explain what kind of activities that you insist your committee members to get benefits and enjoy at the same time? As for a start, you and your society club members should enjoy cultural performance just for FREE every Saturday night at Laman Santai (between Istana Budaya & Balai Seni Visual Negara, Jalan Tun Razak, KL) from 8.30pm-11.30pm. For more info, you can log in to


  5. jasrul says:

    nice infomation. Tq for share

  6. Please visit for tourism news & updates. TQ.

  7. Saba Janet says:

    Its a good post and I feel Malaysia is good place and have interest to join festival season. People who enjoy travelling and want to explore great historical places they can join tourist guide India or visit
    Hey Malaysia pease update more post in tourism I would love to explore new destination.

  8. Howard Hill says:

    I’ve recently been in Malaysia, fascinating country! And what wondered me most, that it is very high-tech. I’ve never though that Asia countries will be much more developed than overage Europe

  9. Thank you for info of Citrawarna. I was at KL at that time and it was really amazing with full colour of fascinating of Malaysia. I really enjoyed it. Please take notes to tell us for next venue of Citrawarna and feel free to visit and support our Harimau Malaya too. Thanks again.

  10. O vow so rich culure of Malaysia, thanks for sharing information.

  11. catuaba says:

    Citrawarna I follow since I’m in school 14 years ago..

  12. KL Guest says:

    I’ve only read about Malaysia a handful of times but from the looks of it, it is an exciting place with many festivals and events. This must be primarily because it is a tourist hub in Asia – are there very many art shows?
    I haven’t had any luck finding good art show blogs displaying the wonderful Malaysian artists. Maybe you can help?

    Thanks very much. I enjoyed your seeing your post.

  13. Nana Hussin says:

    its was wonderfull… its was colourfull

  14. What a wonderful event-

  15. matt says:

    Please keep up the good work and thus shows the world what makes us different.. Colors of 1 Malaysia. Malaysia Truly Asia :)

  16. liuq says:

    beautiful of Malaysia..I love Malaysia!

  17. Dzaenis says:

    Question – What happened to this blog? I was reading it early this year and now its stopped.

  18. This blog should be updated. The last entry was May 2013 and there are a lot of events here in Malaysia. I myself will be going to Langkawi next week for the Pesta Air Langkawi. See you all there. Remember 2014 is Visit Malaysia Year.

  19. Good program..when is the next event?

  20. 风水师 says:

    Hello, is 2014 Visit Malaysia promo year. Not much activities here. Thanks

  21. Chamili says:

    Hi.. I just want to know whether you can provide the itinerary for Colors of 1 Malaysia 2014. Non of the government website is providing these exact data this year sadly. Hopefully you can look in to this. Thank you

  22. Malaysia is so rich in culture. Nice!
    The Santorini @ Tampines Condominium

  23. webmastr says:

    Hi Chamili,
    You can refer to the event’s promotional poster here:

  24. Jack says:

    great post, love to see this kind of events. Are there any 2014 event schedules out?

  25. It’s a lovely event.

  26. Sintya says:

    Malaysia its very nice place to visit. Malaysia Truly Asia :)

  27. Go Tourister says:

    My beautiful Malaysia and Malaysian culture….

  28. Sintya says:

    Malaysia is beautiful country

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