Ramadan Bazaar

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Kueh seri muka, lepat pisang, jala emas, putu mayam and definitely the famous porridge, bubur lambuk.

Are some tasty delicacies available throughout the month of Ramadan.

Though Ramadan does sound like it is a sombre month, it is also a celebration of many things.

Observed by Muslims throughout the world, Ramadan is when Muslims abstain from eating, drinking and indulging in excessive or ill-natured conduct, from dawn to dusk. It teaches one patience, perseverance and reflections of spirituality.flippin' for murtabak

The Ramadan month, too, brings with it much flavours. In Malaysia, Ramadan is greeted with a riot of colourful and tasty foods.

Every state in Malaysia will have several designated places where stalls selling various delicacies and drinks for buka puasa (breaking of fast). These sites are commonly known as Bazaar Ramadan.

Spoilt for choice, visitors to the Bazaar will be surprised at the wide variety of foods on offer.Try these mouth-watering dishes

Usually, stalls open as early as 4 pm, when sellers start bringing in their wares. There are stalls selling fruits, drinks, foods and it will be a hive of activity with sellers arranging their foods, some grilling fish, with the smoke blowing gently in your eyes.

Try the specialty porridge, bubur lambuk (mix porridge), kueh jala emas (a form of sweet cake) found mainly in Kelantan, pulut panggang (grilled sticky rice with prawns in coconut mixture), ikan terubuk bakar (grilled fish), oh, and so much more!Yummy grilled fish

The thirst-quenching ABC (air batu campur or syrupy ice shavings, with nuts, corn etc.), cincau (jellied drink), tasty soya bean drink, cooling sugar cane, are some of the selections of drinks sold at the bazaar.

Sometimes, especially on a hungry stomach (!) it is difficult to make choices of what to eat and drink for buka puasa. One wants to buy everything. It is such a great temptation with so much wonderful foods!

The best part about Bazaar Ramadan is everyone takes the time to see the sights and breathe in the delicious, tempting smells. There are a lot of choices, and most everyone living nearby a Bazaar Ramadan takes the opportunity to visit the place.So many choices!

The prices are affordable, and everyone can visit the bazaar. Just get ready for the thronging crowd, long queues, (sometimes) shouting frenzy and a truly local atmosphere.

Bazaar Ramadan – great food, great ambience and so many great choices!

Here’s wishing Happy Ramadan, everyone!

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7 Reader Comments

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  1. Liza says:

    Sure , Bazaar Ramadan is really great. Any food that u want ,U can get it easily.But be sure to wear a mask in crowded area.

  2. nana says:

    Dear Liza,

    Great!Thanks Liza, for the sage advice:) Bazaar Ramadan is really a great place, wonderful food, many choices and many people come visit it. Have fun!

  3. ed says:

    Hey nana! this is a great post. Can we link and republish it on our blog please?
    It’s a great piece on we look at bazaar ramadan! awaiting ur reply.


  4. lunaticg says:

    I love to go to Pasar Ramadhan. Normally, I will try to find the best Ayam Percik and ayam golek around. Where exactly the best Pasar Ramadhan in Klang Valley area exactly? I heard Paya Jaras in Sungai Buloh is the best with many-many choices of good food.

  5. nana says:

    Hello ed:)

    Great you like the ramblings:) Cool, feel free to republish it on your blog, oh. Remember to give credits to Tourism Malaysia (blog), too!



  6. Liza says:

    Nowadays it’s quite expensive. for RM1 you’ll 2 pieces of kueh…

    BTW what happened to this blog for the last couple of days? I couldn’t get thru.

    nice day,

  7. kelvin says:

    Can someone give me the location of the section 14 PJ Ramadan Bazaar? thot will like to try the penang popiah……

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