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The silent whisper of ripening paddy fields swaying gently in the wind greets visitors, as they step into Kampung Seterpa. Running barefoot, a small boy pushes his small tricycle across the beaten footpath at the edge of the paddy fields. A rooster crows loudly, breaking the deafening silence.

MAN_1213Located 16 kilometers from Kota Bharu in Kelantan, Kampung Seterpa is the nearest homestay village to the city centre. Kampung Seterpa, derived from the Kelantan dialect ‘serepak’ (meeting place), is a wonderful experience for those wanting a taste of traditional village life.DSC_2126

The villagers are warm and friendly, and immediately put you at ease with their lively chatter. Sip a coconut (or two!) to quench your thirst and take in the beautiful surroundings. Served with traditional pastries, ‘tepung pelita’ and munching on local fruit, jambu air, life here is pleasant and slow paced.


No traffic jams for miles, just the chorus of quacking ducks, chickens and buffalo. Breathe in the fresh, morning air as you watch the sun rise during your stay here.  Make a date with the farmers to explore the village with its many interesting activities or even try a hand at paddy farming!

On a windy day, fly the ubiquitous and colourful wau (kite) while running across the paths to the paddy fields. Collect freshwater snails, see the mischievous monkey pick a ripe coconut or dance to the tunes of the ancient ‘dikir barat’.

You’ll definitely enjoy your stay here at Kampung Seterpa, don’t forget to share the memories!


Homestay Kg. Seterpa

Lot 112 Taman Indah, Kg. Seterpa

Jalan Penggawa Matsaat

16150, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

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10 Reader Comments

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  1. kerryzuedy says:

    this is nice place..remember my kampung..huhuhu..

  2. kerryzuedy says:

    this is the best ever place..i remember my is similarly same…

  3. dyno says:

    nice n wonderful place

  4. dyno says:

    nice place…

  5. semek says:

    this is wonderful place in to see it…

  6. kerryzuedy says:

    its so wonderful place..Remember to my kampung..This place can make our heart really cool..

  7. teknik blackhat says:

    lamo tok balik kelate

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  9. EN says:

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  10. Sintya says:

    Kampung Seterpa. I like jambu air, and I want to do activities like in the photo with my husband, like in the middle of the green rice fields. Definitely memorable.

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