jordans shoes free shipping sizes and colours. These shorts are also available for young people. You can choose the the one that goes without the pain . color of the team’s dress.

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nike jordan basketball shorts are available in different shapes,jordans shoes free shipping, sizes and colors. These shorts are accessible for teenagers. You can choose the one which goes using the color of your team’s costume. Pastry shoes are mostly constructed along the lines of their tennis shoe or footwear,chaussure air jordan. They are made of […]

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Langkawi, the second time around…

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Has Langkawi become an annual pilgrimage destination for me? It seems that way since the past few years, I have never failed to visit the isle of legends at least once a year! But who can blame me. After all, I think it’s one of the destinations in Malaysia that is perfect for any occasion […]

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Baby-friendly Langkawi

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An island holiday that’s perfect for moms, dads and babes-in-tow! It was supposed to be a three-day vacation but we packed like we were going away for three weeks. Well, I guess that’s what happens when you go on your first-ever holiday with a baby in tow! Our luggage literally burst at the seams with […]

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