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Royal Selangor Pewter

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‘It is World War II. Bombs fall as hungry villagers raided warehouses for food.

Amidst the mayhem, a villager named Ah Ham spotted a melon-shaped teapot on the ground. As he bent to pick it up, he heard a piece of shrapnel whizz just above his head. The melon teapot had saved his life!

For many years, the teapot was Ah Ham’s constant companion. He used the teapot daily and often entertained his guests with his wartime story and his miraculous brush with death.

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Keropok lekor, anyone?

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Keropok lekor, anyone?

Tasty, crunchy, fishy, yummy are likely some of the words you’ll come across by Malaysians and visitors alike, in describing the popular traditional snack, keropok lekor.

Keropok lekor, a specialty of the state of Terengganu and states situated along the east coast Peninsular Malaysia is a heavenly indulgence with its crunchy, slightly fishy taste, a popular treat among locals.

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